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For better or for worse... At Lulu and Leon's wedding, he is arrested and led away by police. With the bereaved bride down on her luck, the scene is set for TV3's new, poignant drama, Lulu & Leon. Lulu is a self-employed mother of two with her own hair salon. For 10 years she has lived with Leon, a devoted and charismatic father, but unfortunately also a bit of a habitual offender, which finally catches up with him. The bride is left behind with a lot of problems. How can she pay the wages to her employees when the bank has tied up all her money? How can she provide for her 9-year-old, a little quiet son, when one disaster after another makes her life a chaos? How can she explain to her 15-year-old daughter that it is a bad idea to be the girlfriend of a criminal, when she herself has chosen the same? In Leon's absence, Lulu is forced even farther into his criminal network; a male-dominated world of gangster types, suspect tinkering, prostitutes, and not least the charming and very committed criminal Commissioner Patrick Smith and his colleague Ole Sound.

Lulu & Leon - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Danish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-09-30

Lulu & Leon - Lulu's Back In Town - Netflix

Lulu’s Back in Town is a popular song written in 1935 by Al Dubin (Text) and Harry Warren (Music).

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Lulu’s Back in Town was popularised by Fats Waller in his recording of 8 May 1935 for Victor Records which made the US-Charts. Others who recorded it include Dick Powell, Mel Tormé, Mills Brothers, Wingy Manone, Chick Bullock, Bob Howard, Teddy Hill, Bert Ambrose, Ted Fiorito, Thelonious Monk, Art Tatum, and Leon Redbone. In the 1969-70 premiere season of Sesame Street, the song was performed by a pair of Muppets: “Lulu” was an aggressive monster with red-ribboned black hair, and the lead singer was a mild-mannered mustached man in a tuxedo who was simultaneously fascinated and frightened by Lulu. Redd Foxx and Timmie Rogers performed the song on Sanford and Son in the episode, “Brother, Can You Spare an Act?”. Rachel York, as the character of Circe, sung a cover of Lulu's Back In Town in the fifth episode of Justice league Unlimited.

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