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"Sin City ER" reveals the untold stories of one of the busiest and most unique ERs in America. Working at the heart of Las Vegas, the staff of University Medical Center (UMC) have seen it all, and now viewers will too. From 911 operators and first responders to ER personnel and the victims themselves, Sin City ER provides an insider's look into these heroic tales of survival and how medical professionals saved lives in high stake situations behind the glitzy exterior of Las Vegas.

Sin City ER - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-26

Sin City ER - Sin City Deciples - Netflix

Sin City Deciples [sic] is a “one-percenter” outlaw motorcycle club that started in Gary, Indiana in 1966. Sin City prides itself on being open to all men, regardless of race or color. Sin City was founded by and started to allow Negros into the segregated space held by 1% outlaw all white clubs. By allowing membership to men of all races, that meet the strict criteria to become a club brother... they set the bar for which all MC's would soon become judged . Thus, The Sin City Disciples broke the mold of the traditional segregation in 1%er MC's. A significant number of “military veterans” are club members, as well as doctors, lawyers, & other high-level corporate executives that have been hand selected to assist the club in their unique areas of expertise when needed. As with any 1% outlaw club, Sin City is shrouded in secrecy surrounding its membership, and the rigorous and secretive requirements and tasks that must be satiated prior to becoming a full patch member. It has been noted that once a prospect (a 1.5 to 3 year period) becomes a "Full Patch member” you become a brother for life above all else, and take an oath to the club to uphold and defend its honor regardless of the situation, outcome, or circumstance. The Sin City brotherhood is one of the most feared Outlaw motorcycle clubs in existence. There is a great deal of mystique and curiosity by outsiders concerning its exact numbers, operations, daily protocol, and business dealings. Members of the club are required to ride ONLY Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycles, and they pride themselves on unity and brotherhood they have developed over decades of riding and defending one another. With large charters in every state across America, in addition to active charters in, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, they are considered to be one of the oldest and largest outlaw clubs in existence. Exact membership is unknown, however, it has been rumored that they have thousands of active members.

Deciples is a portmanteau of the words decibels and disciples.

The club is well known for serving a large number of charity organizations.

Sin City ER - Popular media - Netflix

The Los Angeles chapter of Sin City Deciples was featured in the 2006 movie Crank.

Sin City ER - References - Netflix